Mommy and Me.

A mommy Story...By Laura Jacobs

This is my family ~ Laura

When Angela said we could write a story. I thought I would love to share my little family with you.

I am a mommy of 2. 1 boy,1 girl.

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My name is Laura. I am married to an amazing man who's name is Justin. He's a  caring and loving husband+daddy.

William is 6 yr. He is energetic all them time love to play outdoors, getting dirty, and every other boy thing you could think of. He loves his daddy though.

Ruth is 5 yr. She is Smart. Creative. And Helpful. She is always willing to play her brother. And is loving k-5

That's pretty much what my family is.

Loving my family,

Laura Jacobs

My Sweet Little Avery,

Cutie pie♡

Dear My Sweet little Avery Noel,

I love you with all my heart. From the tips of your toes to the top of your precious head. We couldn't have been happier when the doctor said "IT'S A GIRL" We are very blessed and thank God for you. You are the most precious baby in the world ! I love you!


Your blessed,


Precious Bundle of cuteness!♡



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Up in the morning...

Peace and Quiet... (this is stuff I miss at home)

I'm up in the morning all by myself... And as I start to think of every thing I am thankful for... here's a few.

☆Being able to know my kids are ok and being well fed.

☆Having 4 healthy beautiful kids.

☆Having a great husband and daddy... who is loving and caring.

☆being able to have a blog FOR FREE!!!

☆Having a free country to worship my God and Savior.

And that's just a few. Sometimes I don't think and don't act thankful. When I should.  But know when it's peaceful and Quiet I do start to think and am feeling really grateful for every one.  Take a few minutes to think of everything you're thankful for and thank God for Creating YOU!



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Avery Noel

Avery Noel Suprised us... I went in last night instead of this morning.  Avery was born @2:03 a.m. weighed 8.10 and was 22 inches long.  We are so exited to share her with you!

She is not to Happy in this picture

Now she is all bundled up and warm.

Happy Anniversary, My amazing Drew!

You are my true love, Drew!

Today is my 5 yr. Anniversary with my Drew! Ever since I met you I have loved you. Growing up together in church was amazing!  It probably sounds silly now but I always thought I would marry you. And my wish came true! These 5 years have been blessings. We have 3 amazing kids and will have #4 tomorrow. Honestly I love you more today than I did 5 years ago... Because I know more about you.  

This was a picture taken at our wedding!🤵👰💍💗

It's amazing to think of all the fun things we've done together. But I was so happy the day you said we could get married on a beach!  You have made me feel more and more special every year. When we got engaged I showed my 9 year old sister my ring and she went "well it took him a long time! You've been dating for 4.5 years!"😂  But no matter what people say I will always always always Love you!                  You are my one and only true love!

I love you with all my heart💗,


I am Going in tomorrow!

Yes, I am going in to the hospital tomorrow morning around 7a.m. So please pray for our baby girl. And suggestions  on an "a" name would be Great!  I am so exited and am getting the baby clothes ready!  But seriously please pray we could use Gods guidance. . . Thank You So Much! We are looking forward to sharing God's latest blessing to our family soon!

My Crazy But Amazing life!

Hi Everyone! My name is Angela.  And I thought I would share a little bit about myself, My Crazy Life & Amazing Life.       I am a stay at home mommy.  I have an amazing husband whose name is Andrew.  We have 3 kids (and expecting another blessing soon. I am due any day now with another daughter.) 

Adeline is the oldest she is 4 yr. We call her Addie. She is very energetic.  And Joyful. She loves being the "helper mommy". And She loves to baby her younger siblings. ♡

Andrew is 3yr. he was named after his father but we call him Andy. He is also very energetic and loves his daddy more than anything in the world.  He follows him around all the time.

Alison is 1.5 yr. We call her Allie. She is very much loved and there is never a time when she is not being loved on... She loves her place as "baby of the family" but will soon not feel that way when baby #4 comes any day now.

Andrew My husband. Is the most amazing man in the world. He goes by Drew though.  So you wouldn't notice we used all "A" Names in our family.

We still haven't figured out a name for baby #4 yet... So if you have any suggestions  on an "A" name please leave a comment.

I am so excited that we will have another blessing in our house soon.

So there you have it... that's my crazy but Amazing life! 

 Drew, Angie, Addie, Andy, Allie & baby #4♡

With Love and Excitement,♡

Angela Joy Johnson